I didn’t want to start my “Design” category with a post like this, but it is funny & we all need some laugh at some point

I was just checking weather.com to see how the weather is going to be out here this evening…

At first things were looking pretty normal, but when I was waiting for the “interactive weather map” to load, I was shocked to see this….

Bad Photoshop on Weather.com

Bad Photoshop on Weather.com

Did you see something done totally wrong?? If not click on the picture to see a larger version!! so?? still “nothing wrong”? ok here is a clue…. look at the wheels of the plan…

How can the “sun” be visible when the plane is on front of it!?! 😐 let alone the color of the plane. Seems the designer has used a “wrong” blend mod for the layer!!

At what point you saw the mistake??

Here is the link to that page http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/map/interactive/LEXX0003?from=36hr_maps&zoom=5&interactiveMapLayer=sat

Here is the url to the image http://i.imwx.com/v.20090901.0/web/common/banners/summer/travel_flights.jpg