Baysour Busted

Yup, it is!!

My first post I had on this blog was about Baysour, the place with great waterfalls, lakes, ponds…  the photos of which we all got in our emails (and still do) & couldn’t really find it.

This year I was determined to find it. My info said that there are four Baysours in Lebanon. The main being the one next to Aley, where we did go last year & where my search was going to start.

Around Baysour there are 4 rivers that join each other, so I knew it was going to be a hard search. Right before I meet with a friend & decide how/when to go for the “baysour hunt”, I did a google search “Baysour is it true / hoax” (or something in this term) & I found out a blog that has the definite answer! It was a hoax, a big one!

So There is no beautiful waterfalls, lakes & ponds in Baysour – Lebanon, don’t bother & look for it! The max you will see is already on this blog. If you want to see those, go to the nearest Croatian embassy & apply for a visa (if you need it) cause those pics are actually in Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

If you came across this blog looking for the location/more photos (cause a lot of people do),  I’m sorry,  no Baysour here…

  • I did the search and went for Lunch there last year 🙂 it was a good place but didn’t look as in the pic at all 🙂 let me say it saw 2% of the pic 🙂

  • Serena

    When my friend e-mailed me photos saying “Baysour waterfalls” from the first look I knew it was Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia, because I had just visited the place recently. Yes indeed Lebanon is beautiful but one should not be deceitful

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