Armenia 2012

This is Ararad

This is Ararad

As always, click on the photo to view the larger size.

“…When there is no way or a chance,
the crazy ones do find solution…”

Part of an Armenian patriotic song dedicated to the Sartarabad Battle – 1918. A battle that not only stopped the Ottoman advance into Yerevan,  but also preventing the complete destruction of the Armenian nation. A battle that did put the foundation of the first Armenian Republic back in 1918, May 28.

Sartarabad Monument`

Sartarabad Monument


Statue of David of Sassoun, an Armenian epic hero.

David of Sasun - Սասունցի Դաւիթ (Սասունցի Դավիթ)

David of Sasun – Սասունցի Դաւիթ (Սասունցի Դավիթ)


Karahunj also called as Zorats Karer, or Karahunj or Carahunge (Քարահունջ, Քարահունճ կամ Զորաց քարեր) is an ancient archaeological site near the city of Sisian, Syunik province, Armenia.

Although there are various studies about the site, the latest show that it was also used as astronomical observatory.

A set of more than 200 erected stones out of which about 85 do have holes on them, made the ancient observatory, which is  3500 years older than England’s Stonehenge and 3000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

What better way to photography an observatory than to view the biggest star, the sun, through it.

Karahunj - Zorats Karer - The Oldest Astronomical Observatory

Karahunj – Zorats Karer – The Oldest Astronomical Observatory

I especially liked the Armenia Tricolor (Red – Blue – Orange) like colors that appeared on the lens flare.

After “flying” on wings of Tatev / Datev (photos soon); you’ll reach the all  magical Monastery of Tatev / Datev.

Here is a panorama, I’ll surely post other photos from this monastery too.

Panorma of Datev / Tatev Monastery

Panorma of Datev / Tatev Monastery

8 Shots, Handheld. Original more than 9100px.

As always click on the image to view the full size & let me know what you think about it 🙂

Panorama of Republic Square at Night, Yerevan, Armenia

360° Panorama of Republic Square at Night – Yerevan, Armenia

This comes from the main square of Yerevan, the Republic Square (Հանրապետության հրապարակ / Հանրապետութեան հրապարակ)

10 shots, original almost 18K px. Click the photo to view the 3000px version.

Let me know what you think 🙂

EDIT: The photos are SOOC – Straight Out Of the Camera – I wanted to leave it as it was, without any adjustments to make the lighting of the buildings more balanced.

Panorama of Mount Ararad / Ararat

Panorama of Mount Ararad / Ararat

Handheld, 5 shots.

Click on the photo for 3000px version.

That is right folks! I’ll land in Armenia in less than two weeks.

Only two weeks & I’ll have the majestic mount Ararad right next to me, for almost two weeks!

Mount Ararad from Khor Virab

Mount Ararad from Khor Virab


I got almost everything prepared for my second trip to Armenia. I will share some info here.


Flight: FlyDubai

Although it will make my flight longer with a transit time of couple of hours in Dubai,  but with almost half the price of the ticket from Armavia, it was an easy decision to make.

Actually the priced peaked up, most probably because of the rush of “Eid”; but still it stays cheaper than the flight from Beirut via Armavia.


Accommodation: HyurService

Everyone’s positive feedback about these guys, made things pretty easy & the top of the icing was the awesome help I got from a friend, Vera; who made the process fast and enjoyable. For that I can’t thank you enough dear 🙂


Tours: HyurService

Although I don’t like to tour with a tour, the group number we’re going is ‘forcing’ it this time. again, as with the accommodation, I didn’t even think to check others. Hope all the reviews stay to par & won’t let me down.


I’ll publish my day-by-day plan pretty soon, but one thing for sure, I’m going to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) too!!

I’ll also fly on “Wings of Datev”, the longest ropeway on Earth! a 5.7-kilometer breathtaking “flight” to reach the monastery of Datev.

Chermoug (Jermouk), Karni (Garni), Keghart (Geghard), Sartarabad (Sardarapat), Zevartnots, Dilijan, Khor Virap (Khor Virab), Noravank and a lot more are on the list for sure.

Will also post recommendations, reviews, tips, watch-outs… so stay tuned.


PS: If you are wondering why I do have some of the names, with similar naming, in ()s; that’s because they are spelled so in Eastern Armenian.



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