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  • Hello

    Love the photos! I wanted to ask your permission to use your “Our Lady of Lebanon” as a header for my wordpress blog.

    Thank you!

  • miles2gMiles

    Great photos! I’m the creator and director of a new Travel website, which categorises the best blogs and photos in the World by country. I’ve selected one of your photos to appear on the website, but before the site goes live I need your permission to use it. (page: armenia)

    Obviously you’ll be clearly credited with the photo.

    My plan is to use the website for charitable means, and instead of traditional advertising, rely on user donations, which we’ll then divide between organisations such as The Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and WWF.

    I completely understand if you do not allow me to use your photo, and I don’t want to abuse your property rights.

    The final website will go live 01.01.2015.