My first reversed-lens macro shot of a moss, during sunset, on a tree near a road around Kfardebyen, Lebanon.

Moss - Macro Shot

Moss - Macro Shot

I know it does look pretty odd! It is something that we pass by everyday without even noticing it, but it has details & fascinating beauty as anything else.

  • Mich

    Well worth waiting for!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Don’t know what a reversed-lens micro shot means, but I do know that it looks amazing. Love your photos 🙂

  • Hey Mich, thanks for the comment!

    Reverse Micro shot is when you reverse (put it the other side around) the lens on a DSLR camera. Technically it does not “fit”, so you have either to shoot with the lens in a hand & the camera in another (as I did) or get/DIY a reverse micro lens cap.

  • yes to me it is odd, i don’t notice it usually during my day, i just can say it has a lovely colors.

    i like more your previous photos. probably not that microscopic 🙂

  • I told you it will be different, very different & it was 😀