After “flying” on wings of Tatev / Datev (photos soon); you’ll reach the all  magical Monastery of Tatev / Datev.

Here is a panorama, I’ll surely post other photos from this monastery too.

Panorma of Datev / Tatev Monastery

Panorma of Datev / Tatev Monastery

8 Shots, Handheld. Original more than 9100px.

As always click on the image to view the full size & let me know what you think about it 🙂

  • can you explain me how people live on this monastery?¿watter suply?

  • shant: i hope I´m in order with word press to receive an answer; 2:: were living people at the monastery? how could they have water to survive? thanks in advance yours: jose luis at north of spain

  • Hello Jose,

    As far as I remember YES, there are monks living in the monastery & they do have their water supply (underground water – rivers running around), Actually there is a village near the monastery, read more about it

    The monastery is now connected to the word by the longest (5.7Km) ropeway “Wings of Tatev” more here